Cornish Festival Moonta










Moonta’s  Cornish festival’s design is to showcase the Copper Coast’s significant Cornish heritage with crowds lining the streets to view the traditional dances, enjoy the the concerts on offer and tuck into the Cornish pasties and traditional brew, the Swanky.

Local townsfolk get into the spirit of the occasion by dressing in period costume and hosting interesting displays and activities in the Copper Coast region’s many and varied halls and churches.

The 19th century Cornish men and women loved their music and singing, and it is apparent so do modern day Cornish festival crowds. At each event they are treated to a myriad of musical styles, be it sacred, gospel, brass and military, classical, country, cabaret, contemporary or rock.

See for more details including a full program of events, or phone the Kernewek Lowender office at The Farm Shed Kadina, on 08 88214 500.


All enquiries via Phone

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